Artist Plans To Paint 100 Tulsas In Roughly 12 Hours

      The leader of a local art academy is trying not to paint himself into a frenzy while raising some money.

      He's attempting to master 100 cityscapes of Tulsa's skyline in about 12 hours.

      In order to do this Matt Moffett can only spend about 7 minutes and 20 seconds on each piece.

      But, there's a good reason for all the trouble. Moffett is director of the Tulsa Girls Art School, located near Admiral and Lewis. It serves dozens of school-aged girls, giving them a creative outlet that keeps them busy and focused.

      In order to better serve them, the school is sending Moffett to a New York art conservatory. This self-taught teacher will get some formal training during a 1-month residency, and he's taking the costs on himself.

      To offset, Moffett will sell his 100 paintings for $100 dollars. His brushing blitz gets underway Friday at 6:00am and lasts until 8:00pm

      Moffett invites anyone to come out and see him work. The studio is located at 2202 E. Admiral in Tulsa.