Atheist Leads Invocation at City Council Meeting

The first clue that something different was about to take place was the discrepancy between the agendas. The hand out version read pledge of allegiance and prayer, but the over head used the word invocation instead.

"Leading us this evening in the pledge and invocation is Dan Nerren," Tulsa city councilor GT Bynum.

While leading the pledge, he stayed silent on the two words after one nation.

"One nation... indivisible with liberty and justice for all," said Nerren.

It was then time for the place where the prayer would normally go, prompting people to do what they would normally do, bow their heads and close their eyes.

"Rather than bowing our heads and closing our eyes in deference, we should open our eyes widely to face to reality that confront us," he said.

His central theme? Mostly an appeal to logic.

"Through the prudent use of reason and compassion we can ensure the success of this great city," he said.

In the audience, two members from Brookside Baptist Church.

"I was kind of hesitant on coming down here cause I wasn't for sure what he would say cause it's kind of a prayer and who are you praying to?," said Darren Anderson.

"We need not look above for answers, and instead recognize the proven potential within ourselves and each other to overcome any challenges we may face," said Nerren.

Leaving God out. A message that ironically fueled passions in the audience to bring Him back in.

"I know for myself, it's going to be even more important for me to go home and pray with my family tonight," said Paul Warren.