Attempt To Flee From Police May Prove Fatal

The sight of the aftermath is tough to turn away from. This is what impact looks like at roughly 70 miles per hour.

"The only reason we have that estimation is because the speedometer is stuck on 68 miles an hour," said Tulsa police Sergeant Chris Witt.

Police say a silver car took off after an officer turned around to pull it over for a simple traffic violation.

"We don't know why he ran from us, he doesn't have warrants or anything," said Witt.

The officer decided to call off the pursuit after witnessing him go air borne over several speed humps as he barreled towards Yale.

"The officer had good sound judgement in this call," said Witt.

But as for the driver of the speeding car...

"There wasn't no screeching tires or nothing," said area resident David Woodward.

His vehicle slammed into the side of the red pickup that was towing a tractor, which in turn flipped into an oncoming grease truck. A cataclysmic cacophony of chaos.

"Honestly it just sounded like, a dump truck dumping," said Geri Ray.

"It brought everybody off their feet," said Dennis, the carnage ending up in his front yard.

"They had to use the jaws of life, 3, 3 jaws of life just to get him out," he said.

The driver of the silver car is in critical condition. The driver of the pickup was an off duty fire fighter. One of his colleagues at the scene declined to an interview saying it hit too close to home, but that he was expected to be fine although he's got four broken ribs.

"That's just a senseless act right there," said David.

The shock of the scene, giving way to the frustration that all of this could have been prevented.

"It's sad, its pathetic, it really is," said Geri.

"Take your ticket, slow down," said David.