Attention Young Tulsans...Get Out And Vote!

Look at file footage of voters and, no surprise, most of them are seniors. Not that we wouldn't film young people at the polls, it's just that Tulsa has hardly any who bother to show up.

"We have the worst voter turnout in the nation," said Noah Roberts. He himself does not fall into the youth voter category.

"44, I'm old, I'm Yoda," he said.

Ah, but in a Yoda-like way, he recognizes the power of the force of young voters.

"I am convinced that this Instagram generation. If they just got together, whoever they vote for, that's gonna be the mayor," he said.

Hence his own campaign, plastered in black and white on a massive downtown wall, to inspire 18 to 29-year-olds. An upside down "T" representing the lack of turnout.

"There's something wrong with it, it's broken, if you want to fix the vote then you got to fix turnout," he said.

"We realize that voter apathy is a real problem," said Rachel Hutchings of the Tulsa Young Professionals. Their group recently held a registration drive.

"Resulted in about 50 people registering to vote,"she said.

Meanwhile, back at the wall, Yoda explains his frustration, he does.

"I've told most of my friends that are 50 or older, I'm not upset with your kids, I'm upset with you. At some point you made this not a top priority," he said.

To re-engage those kids, he's hoping public art displays like this one with cool lingo will help reel them in.

"Who is MOTCOT? Well, who is it? It's the mayor of the city of Tulsa. It's who you choose it to be," he said.