Author Offers Lessons On Overcoming Grief

Coping with grief is always a struggle and it's especially tough when someone's child is involved.

Diane Bucci is the mother of a young man, who committee suicide in the Checotah Walmart back in 2008.

It was covered by Tulsa's Channel-8 and many other news outlets.

As part of here response to that tragic event, she's written a book titled "Return of Mikey".

It's about dealing with the challenges of grief and embracing the positive memories of her son.

While he had Asperger's Syndrome, his action weren't typical of that problem and she believes he was having delusion.

Apparently he though demons were trying to kill him.

Bucci says at some point very early in the grief process, you are faced with a decision.

You can either be a victim, or find an opportunity for growth.

"You don't have to be religious to believe that god has a purpose for being here.

I always try to get people to look outside themselves and ask what was I supposed to learn from that pain."

Bucci says in the end the tragedy gives you a chance to be a positive influence on others,

"Everyone looks to mom for an example. If you hold it together then they try to hold it together".

Bucci says her book, also looks at the issues of having someone with disabilities in your family.