Mounds Man Arrested on Charges of Manufacturing, Possessing Bombs

(From Kent Bartell's New Hope Health Clinic website)

A 46-year-old Mounds man was arrested Monday afternoon after officials investigated reports that a Jenks student brought a pipe bomb to school.

Around 4 p.m., Kent Bartell was take under custody by officials with the Creek County Sheriffs Office and the FBI. Following his arrest, officers charged him with child endangerment and manufacturing or possessing any explosive device.

According to the documents received by, a federal search warrant was obtained and executed at Bartell's residence off of S. Pickett Road in Mounds. Once there, investigators found "numerous items that are used in the manufacturing of explosive and incendiary devices."

They include: pipes, pipe caps with holes cut in the end for fusing, black powder, fireworks and an exploded pipe bomb.

Tulsa Police Bomb Squad also found a container that had a gasoline and styrofoam mixture similar to a napalm bomb. All items were reportedly found in Bartell's barn, according to the documents.

Investigators were informed of Bartell's activity after a Jenks High School teacher overheard students talking about a pipe bomb his son had brought to the school back on Nov. 30. Days later, his son was called into the assistant principal's office where he was questioned about the incident.

Following his interview with the student, the principal notified Tulsa Bomb Squad who subsequently notified the FBI. Investigating authorities then interviewed Bartell's son who stated that his father, "had been making and detonating explosive and incendiary devices" for approximately two months.

In the interview with officials, Bartell's son shared that his father began making explosives devices using components from deconstructed fireworks after conducting research on the Internet using a laptop computer. He then moved on to constructing pipe bombs and other devices using the materials found in his barn and detonating them on his property in Mounds.

Bartell's son's statement revealed that his father also used a combination of household bleach and fertilizer in his explosive devices from instructions on the Internet, according to the documents.

Back on Nov. 26, Bartell's son took a failed pipe bomb to Jenks High School to show friends after he attempted to detonate it a couple of months ago. His cellphone also contained multiple images of detonated explosive devices constructed by his father that he sent to his friends.

The documents also describe that on the phone were images sent from Bartell's father of packing labels with items from Hong Kong, pictures of him holding large amounts of cash and another unknown subject shooting rifles.

In the officers report, Bartell's listed the New Hope Health Clinic in Tulsa as his employer. On the website, he is listed as the founder of the clinic with a pre-med degree from the University of Minnesota and post-educational studies in holistic cancer therapy and nutrition and herbal therapy.

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