Authorities Continue to Investigate Deadly Lake Eufaula Hit-and-Run

The Department of Public Safety reports the criminal investigation into a deadly boating hit-and-run at Lake Eufaula is ongoing.

DPS reported that Gary McIninch, 55, fell into the water after a boat crashed on top of two other boats, then drove away. The driver had allegedly been traveling 30 miles per hour. Authorities found McIninch's body Saturday.

Trooper Betsy Randolph confirmed investigators have interviewed Ryan Shumway, 30, who they believe is the alleged driver of the boat that hit two other boats before driving away. DPS reported Shumway was on board with a woman and two children. Randolph said Shumway's attorney has been in contact with the McIntosh District Attorney's office. She said he has not been arrested.

The McIntosh District Attorney's office said no charges have been filed against Shumway.

Randolph said DPS is examining the boat Shumway was allegedly driving for evidence.

Lake Eufaula boater Arthur Brown was also on the water for the Fourth of July holiday. He was shocked to hear the tragic news.

"Justice will take care of itself. It usually does, and basically for the people that were hurt and the families involved, you know, I feel sorry for them," Brown said. He explained his family's motto is always safety first. He said he wished boaters spent more time with their boating safety handbooks.

A family member of McIninch told KOCO she does not harbor ill will towards anyone, as it will not bring Gary back.