Authorities Search For Missing Woman

The first sign of trouble was an early morning phone call.

"It started out as a 9-1-1 hang up," said Wagoner County Sheriff Bob Colbert.

That was at 6:20am. When authorities called back they were assured it was just a mistake.

"Ask them, you know, if everything is all right, and they said, 'Yeah, everything's fine, it's just a miss dial,'" he said.

But the Wagoner county sheriff's office doesn't just take someone's word, they want to see for themselves, and when deputies arrived at the house, Mara and her husband were gone with the children left behind.

"They talked to somebody that said everything was not ok, he said.

Raising concerns, the fact that this home has history with authorities.

"We have made domestics at this residence before, matter of fact the husband we have a misdemeanor warrant for his arrest for domestic violence at this time," he said.

Authorities and family members have spoken with Mara since that initial call, but no one's visually confirmed she's ok.

"We're very concerned for her safety," he said.

The sheriff says the children are safe, as the search for their mother continues.

"We're thinking probably in eastern Oklahoma maybe even across into Arkansas is the place that we really need people to pay special attention," he said.

If you have any information call the Wagoner County Sheriff's Department at 918-485-3124.