Auto Shops Are Joining Forces To Solve Problems

An effort is underway to get Tulsa area auto repair shops to join the Automotive Service Association.

The idea is to get the work done right the first time and to make sure the customers get treated properly.

Randy Calley of Same Day Auto Repair is helping to organize the effort. He says it's in the best interests of the customer and the companies.

"The old saying is you can do a very good job on a car or any business and they'll tell two or three people. You do a bad job, and they'll tell 30 people," Calley said.

With today's social media, an unhappy customer can do immense damage to the reputation of a business. So it just makes sense to deal with the issue up front. The businesses that join the ASA will have the standards of operation and ethics posted for everyone to see.

So the customers know what to expect from one shop to another. Plus, the various shop owners will get acquainted with each other, to solve problems.

Right now, most have very little interaction.

If they're well acquainted they can all act as mediators if they get a client who has a problem with another member. They can also work together to help struggling shops, that are having problems or too many complaints.

As part of the group's rules, they will all agree to abide by outside mediation, if they can't come to an agreement on a repair problem. If groups like AAA or the Better Business Bureau decide a member's shop is at fault, they'll make it right.

Owners of shops who are interested in joining can contact Randy Calley at 918-245-3493.