Avoid Dieting With Common Sense Eating

Whilewe're all enjoying the holidays, we can also look ahead to the 1-stof the year and all those resolutions.

We'llgo all out to diet and exercise.

Buta national nutrition expert and Tulsa trainer say dieting is amistake.

Thesay we need to change how we look at eating.

ClintHoward, of Tulsa Fitness Systems, says we need to think of food asfuel.

Toomany people make a mistake, when they decide to starve themselves tolose weight.

Hesays when you do that you'll be hungry, lethargic and unable topursue a healthy exercise plan.

Hesays a good diet and exercise are crucial and you can't have onewithout the other.

Nutritionistand Fitness Expert, Mark MacDonald, recentlyvisited Howard's gym in Jenks.

Hesays you have to change your mindset when it comes to food, because a simple diet plan that stabilizes your blood sugar.

MacDonaldsuggests eating every 3 hours and to split the meals into thirds.

Yourplate should include equal amounts of the proteins, fats andcarbohydrates.

MacDonaldsays that will balance you blood sugar, so you'll eat less and loseweight.

Hesays you just have to exercise and work the food you love into your day.

Bothmen agree that the quick fix of diet is bound to fail.

Theysay it you'll learn to understand you body and it's nutritional needsyou can be healthy and change our life.