BA Chamber Promotes "Take Your Employees to Lunch Day"

The Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce is promoting residents to eat out to support local business Friday, June 14.

Restaurants were forced to shutdown while the City of Broken Arrow tested the water for any contaminants.

The Chamber is now encouraging residents and workers to eat out with the campaign "Take Your Employees to Lunch Day." Businesses in the area are asked to let workers and employees go out to lunch to help support restaurants.

April Sailsbury, senior vice president of the Broken Arrow Chamber is asking residents to not only eat out, but to tip a little extra for the employees of restaurants who may have also lost wages.

The Tulsa County Health Department asked restaurants to close Wednesday morning, but were able to open today.

"Closing your business for 36 hours would be a strain on any business. In addition to our restaurant losing income, our employees lost wages they rely on. We appreciate the support we are receiving from the BA Chamber, the local business communities and the residents," said Jason Scarpa, owner and operator of Main Street Tavern in Broken Arrow.