Broken Arrow Man Offers Super Bowl Ticket For A Job

A local man is going to the extremes in an effort to find a new job.

And he's grabbing a lot of attention.

We found Chuck Low with his sign Tuesday evening on 71st Street and Highway 169.

It says: "Find me and job and I send you to the 2013 Super Bowl."

He's been at it for about a week.

The Broken Arrow man has a wife and two kids.

He says they have money saved up, but Low doesn't want to settle on just any job. He says this sign will hopefully help speed up the search process.

He adds, it can be a humbling experience.

"When you're sitting on a negative day and it's cold and it doesn't seem like anybody cares, there will be someone who'll come by, honk the horn and give a thumbs up," says Low. "You'll hear, 'Way to go man!,' and you're like thanks, thanks, I appreciate that, thank you."

Low tried a similar stunt last spring when he offered a Hawaiian vacation in exchange for a job.

He got a job, but it fell through.

By the way, the Super Bowl will be in New Orleans on the first Sunday in February.

If you would like to learn more about Low or have a job lead for him, check out his website: