BA Residents Battle Casino...Again

Do you remember the rallies? And the signs? And the loud and clear message that a casino was not wanted here? Prepare yourself for the sequel.

"Our group is again getting ready to mobilize and organize," said Rob Martinek. He was there grilling the Kialegee over the initial build...

"Well what basis do they have to construct a facility when they don't have a license from the National Indian Gaming Council?" he said months ago at a rally.

And this time around he's ready to go toe to toe with the Muscogee Creek nation.

"The Bureau of Indian Affairs still would have to issue a lease to the Muscogee Creek to develop a casino, the National Indian Gaming Commission would yet have to issue a license to game, neither of those things have occurred yet," he said.

And before any license is granted, public input is considered.

"And certainly 10,000 petitions may yet have some impact," he said.

And there's fresh pressure being applied now. On the group's Facebook page tonight, one member wrote; "Alright folks, I just emailed the following to all members of the MCN National Council ... I as a resident of Broken Arrow implore you not to take this project over. I do not see anything good that would result from establishing a casino or sports bar entertainment venue in the Broken Arrow Community...."

"Certainly we will vigilantly and aggressively oppose a casino at that site," he said.