BA Water Issues Trickle Through Community

If there's a badge for helping your community through a water problem, the Boy Scouts of Broken Arrow have earned it.

"It's been a relatively steady stream, two or three cars at a time," said Major James Taylor of the Salvation Army.

Most folks just loaded up and left, while others decided to unload as well.

"I can't understand why they're saying it's taking so long to get it tested," said one man.

The flurry of activity in the Salvation Army parking lot was in stark contrast to the parking lots of Charlie's Chicken, Rib Crib, Mazzio's, Shanghai Ave, and Carl's Junior. The only thing served today; emptiness with a side of weird.

"It is, it's almost like Christmas night, you know, everything's closed," said Joe Foster.

Well, not everything...

"The idea actually hit me when we were downtown today for lunch," said Danny Underhill of Dickey's barbeque.

Dickey's decided to take their mobile unit and set it up in their own parking lot, much to the non-relief of every other restaurant.

"I tried to McDonald's first but it was closed," said one customer.

Also closed, BA's St. John's, who discontinued operations and transferred 13 patients to Tulsa and Owasso.

"Broken Arrow took a patient over that was a critical patient," said BAFD Deputy Chief Phil Reid.

Firefighters have also taken steps to deal with the low water pressure in the event of a fire.

"We do have a pumper that does have 1,500 gallons on it, and what we've done is we have moved that into the city," he said.

Meanwhile, many residents have temporarily gone out of the city, invading the homes of relatives nearby.

"My Dad lives in Tulsa so I think we're going to head over there in a couple hours and take over his house," laughed one woman.