Retired Volunteers Needed

Every year many thousand of baby boomers are retiring.So that leaves them with a problem.What are they going to do, with the rest of their lives?The Retired Senior Volunteer Program has some ideas.They range from everyday chores to public presentations.At the Oklahoma Aquarium you can even fined a retired volunteer, who can tell you how to avoid being bitten by a shark.Harry Fenton can help you out a couple of days a month.You'll find him in the center of the shark tank, answering any question that pops up.Harry says he volunteers, because he's not one to sit around and watch TV.That's not how he wants to live his retirement. He says he wants to make a little difference in the world "That's what keeps you young. If you just sit around you're not gonna last long."Harry hopes to spark the imaginations of all those he encounters.He also hopes to educate people about sharks, so people will appreciate them.While he deals with the public every day, there are all kinds of options for retired people with all kinds of organizations.The aquarium alone had eight to ten different volunteer positions to fill every day.While RSVP offers hundreds of other options for people of all interests and skill levels.They also have the annual "somewhere In Time" fund raiser coming up on June 28th.