Baby Veronica Remains In Oklahoma Following Court Ruling

Even following the most recent decision by a South Carolina court, finalizing Baby Veronica's adoption and her immediate return....the legal challenges appear far from over.

Veronica remains in Oklahoma. Her father Dusten Brown is in National Guard training and did not follow a court order that Veronica be returned to her adoptive parents. An attorney familiar with the case but not representing Dusten, but instead the interests of the Cherokee Nation is Chrissi Ross Nimmo.

ObiouObviously very serious and it's a legal order but there is a process that has to be worked through as it does anytime one jurisdiction is seeking to enforce their own orders in another jurisdiction so that's what we're looking at in this case.

Veronica's biological father is Cherokee and the tribe has supported Brown in his fight to raise his daughter. This was the Cherokee Nation Principal Chief, Bill John Baker last June talking to reporters.

"Keeping Veronica Brown with her family is what or her. Her family, the Cherokee Nation and all of Indian Country."

For the past year and a half, Veronica has been raised by her biological father. The first two years of her life was spent with her adoptive parents, Matt and Melanie Capobianco. The adoption was finalized last week and visitations were to start on Sunday. Brown was a no show because he was in National Guard training.

'We believe that Veronica Brown's best interest is best served by continuing to live in a loving home with her biological father," says Chief Baker.