Back To School Help for Families

Families are expected to spend more on back to school clothes and supplies this year.

How does $688 sound? For some families, it{}is too much.

Channel 8's Kim Jackson shows how a national program eases that burden.

Packing the kids up for back to school can be expensive, almost as much as a utility bill. And for some families, it's that serious.

Helen Williams is busy with her two great great great nephews that she is raising.

"Don't ask me why I did this, but somebody had to do it. I'd rather take care of them myself, than see them go into the system. I'm doing the best I can. They are some pretty good boys. They keep me on my toes as old I am, they keep me active," she said as they shopped.

Her boys, Armani and Jordan were selected to receive gift cards, through a partnership of Target and the Salvation Army.

"This is a great help to me right now. My{}husband has cancer so, we are going through cyberknife and all of that. Now I've got the babies and it's just a big help," she said.

60-local children get to buy paper pencils, or even uniform clothes.

"You look at the lists of some of those items now required by schools and they are easily, 80-100 dollars just for one child. Now you take that and multiply it by multiple children in a household, that's a lot of money," said Major April Taylor of the Salvation Army.

It's a burden lifted, for Helen, Armani and Jordan. Now, they are closer to being ready for school, and she has a little more peace of mind.

If your children need school supplies, there are many projects out there. As a last resort, school counselors usually have supplies in their office.