Back-to-School Savings Tips

Parents know that back-to-school shopping isn't cheap.{} The pencils and notebooks won't bust the budget, but toss in new clothes, backpacks and electronics, and that shopping trip really adds up.{} Kiplinger has these tips to keep it from spiraling out of control:

  • Take inventory of what your kids already have.{} Check out their closet and drawers.{} You may find they don't need as many new clothes as you think.
  • Set a budget.{} That way your kids will buy only what they need.{} And let them keep any cash they don't spend.
  • Take advantage of sales tax holidays.{} That's timely.{} Oklahoma is one of sixteen states that exempt back-to-school items from sales taxes on certain days.{} Our sales tax holiday is this weekend.
  • Buy used.{} Textbooks are cheaper used, and even cheaper when you rent them.
  • Shop online.{} You may be tempted to overspend at the mall.{} If you shop online, you can give your kids a choice of just a couple of retailers that have coupon codes.

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The average family is expected to spend just over 600 dollars this year on back-to-school items.{} 10% more than last years.{} So it's good to find ways to save where you can.