Bald Eagle Shot In Nowata County Euthanized

The search is on for the person who shot a bald eagle in Nowata County.Today, the Tulsa Zoo showed us the bird's x-rays. Dr. Kay Backues says the eagle was likely shot with a 22-caliber rifle. The bird's left wing was basically blown apart, causing injuries so severe, it had to be euthanized."This is stupid. This is so meaningless," Backues says. "The wild is not an easy place to make a living. They have all sorts of hazards. They have to find enough to eat, they have to avoid predators, they have to avoid cars and powerlines and all these other hazards out there. We don't need to be shooting them, either. It just makes Oklahoma look bad. Oklahomans are not stupid. We should not be shooting eagles."Shooting a bald eagle is a federal offense. If you know who did it, call 1-800-522-8039. You could earn a cash reward.