Ballard Calls Online Testing Disastrous

Crashing servers of the company contracted to do online testing for Tulsa public school students, has forced the district to invalidate 460 tests.

"It's a headache, and it's a concern," said Booker T. Washing principal James Furch, concerned about the toll on his 160 students to have to retake the test.

"That takes a lot out of you. Just me as a human I think if I'm taking a test and everything fails and I gotta log back and do it again and I'm almost finished with it, that's not good at all," he said.

An angst and anxiety that's shared across the district.

"It's every school," said assistant TPS superintendent Chris Johnson.

And it's not just the hassle of having to take the test again.

"We have some seniors whose graduation could be affected by the invalidation of their tests and the inability to get them rescheduled," he said.

On top of that, there's the jeopardy that entire schools could see their performance grade go down if not enough kids get done with the test.

"According to our state report card policies and procedures if the school doesn't test 95% of their students then their report card grades automatically lowered one grade," he said.

"We're trying to maintain the letter grade that we had last year which was an A," said Furch.

The testing deadline has been extended to the end of the week, and some of those tests will now be done old school.

"Some of the equivalency tests will be hand, paper, pencil tests." said Johnson.