Ballard Outlines Goals For Final Years as Superintendent

The head of Tulsa Public Schools will stay there, another year. Dr. Keith ballard says student improvement is his priority.

Dr. Ballard spent the morning in training with principals who were learning more about the district's literacy program, Reading 180.

Professional development is one way of making sure students understand the lessons, and score higher on tests.

Dr. Ballard

says that his teacher effectiveness plan is a way to make sure that only teachers who are motivated to reach educational goals are in classrooms. Since 2008, he says 300 teachers have left on their own, or with dismissals. That program has been adopted by 500 other districts in Oklahoma.

He's also put a new leadership team in place, which is one reason the school board asked him to stay.

But he does make a promise to parents, who may question what he will do over these final two school years.

"Insure that there is a great teacher in every classroom, a great leader in every building and we are paying attention to the curriculum so that your student has measurable gains," he said.

Dr. Ballard says he does have grandchildren. And he also likes to run, so he says next year will be his final year.