Tulsa Women Suspected of Shoplifting $1,500 Worth of Merchandise

Shahara Barnes

Five Tulsa women are accused of stealing more than a thousand dollars in merchandise from a Ross store in Broken Arrow store.

Police say the women had piles of merchandise in their arms -- $1,500 dollars worth. They simply walked past the cash registers, out the door and into a car to get away.

Daniel Harmon of Harmon Security provides security for malls and other Tulsa businesses. He said the women were very brazen.

"That's atypical," he said. "Usually they try to be more covert than that. It's pretty clear they didn't have a lot to fear."

Harmon says there are things stores can do to protect themselves like on-site security or with a remote monitoring system.

"We want that deterrent effect," said Harmon. "We want the bad guys to see us and go elsewhere."

Corporal Leon Calhoun with Broken Arrow Police says these ladies weren't deterred. When store employees called police, the women led police on a chase ending at 71st and Mingo. During the getaway, the driver and passenger even changed seats.

"These are thieves that have been doing this for sometime," said Calhoun. "They have gotten away with it before. They are not looking for money -- not so much for the need to feed their families, but for greed."

In the car, officers found items they suspect were stolen from Dillards and JCPenny at Woodland Hills mall earlier in the day.

All five women were charged with one count of grand larceny by Broken Arrow Police. The two women driving the car were also charged with an attempt to allude police. Tulsa Police are investigating the thefts from Woodland Hills Mall.