Jurors Recommend 30 Months for Student in School Shooting Plot

A Bartlesville teenager was found guilty of plotting a shooting at his high school.

Sammie Chavez, 19, was found not guilty on the charge of conspiring to commit an act of violence, but was found guilty of devising a plan to cause serious harm to another person.

Jurors recommended a 30 month sentence and a $5,000 fine. Formal sentencing is scheduled for November 12.

If the jury had found Chavez guilty of the crime of conspiring with others to commit an act of violence he could have faced up to 10 years in prison.

"This is a lot better than what I expected. I'm so happy," said Chavez's mother following the verdict.

A classmate testified Monday that he heard Chavez talking about violence in the lunchroom in December. He said that Chavez referenced luring students into the auditorium and have friends posted at the upper levels. He allegedly talked about chaining the doors and using bombs to deter police and shooting his classmates there.

Buchanan also showed some of Chavez's writings from before his arrest, including phrases like, "These thoughts won't leave me alone," and "I'll be remembered forever."

Chavez took the stand Tuesday and testified that what he said was a joke.

Buchanan said there is one message he wants people to take away from the case. "Thank god for those two guys that came forward and told us what was going on."

Chavez has been jailed on $1 million bond since his arrest in December - on the same day a gunman opened fire at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut and killed 20 children and six adults.