Barking Dogs Driving Neighbor Crazy

With lovely flowers and plush green grass, Donna Mangrum's backyard looks very peaceful, but looks can be deceiving.

"How do I get a good night's rest?," she asked.

It's a question she's struggled with for the past year, ever since her neighbors moved in with their dogs.

"Awakened at 4:08 am by barking dogs," read part of her detailed log that she's since last July, including recording barking on her iPhone.

And yes, she's called police, and done so more than once

"Well I have 18 calls to the police," she said.

Police say the actual number is 13. Nevertheless, not only have no citations ever been written, but says Mangrum, one officer actually told her

"You can move. And I said no. I didn't work hard to get this house and retire, and then be tormented by a neighbor's dog," she said.

So Tuesday she took her plight to the city council, asking officials to implement a 90 day time limit on getting something done when it comes to investigating a potential nuisance. The council resisted the concept but said they'd get to work on her issue.

As for the neighbor's side of this story, no one answered when we went knocking, and according to Ms. Mangrum things aren't exactly at the point of just sitting down and talking about it.

"No I'm not allowed to, she says she'll have me arrested if I talk to her," she said.