Bartlesville Bracing For Ice

There is nothing on the roads today to indicate what could be in store for Bartlesville. But behind the scenes there is something going on. "We're hoping that it doesn't come," says Public Works Director Keith Henry.That's called wishful thinking. But Clearly this is a story about when and how much. Bartlesville is a city of 36 thousand residents and an anticipated ice event is just part of the planning as was a winter storm two weeks ago."We're prepared as much as we can be we've had the event you've mentioned earlier so we've already had our equipment out on the road testing it making sure everything is up and running."Tons of a sand and salt mixture are available for the 5 city trucks to spread across 325 square miles of the city. Those trucks will be outfitted with chains to better help them get around. City police cruisers made their way to the city's garage for a quick set of studded tires. this is all a pre-emptive strike.Also across town and inside at Lowe's... "It started about two days ago and it's intensified since then," says Assistant Manager Justin Broach.The weather is something this store takes serious."Just keeping an abundant supply and keeping everything up front for the customers."Meanwhile back at the city's maintenance yard...aka, ice central...the work continues. "We'll continue to prep our equipment trucks loaded and talke to staff and hatalkedem ready to work overtime hours," adds Henry.