Bartlesville Gets Decent Dose of Snow

Bartlesville got enough snow Sunday morning to cover the ground. That made for a few slick spots, but residents said the road conditions were generally decent.

"The roads were clear. Everything was clear," said resident Joe Bennett. "There was sand on the roads, like it should've been. Looks like the city crews have done their job."

Channel 8 spoke with diners at Weeze's. One worker mentioned hearing word of a slippery spot on a bridge, but otherwise everyone said the roads seemed to be fine.

Sunday is the last day of spring break for Bartlesville students. One family said the snow is anything but spring-like. However, it is not necessarily unwelcome.

"I love winter, so it was a surprise that it's March and we have snow right now," said Bartlesville Junior Cinthya Carranco.

Bartlesville also dealt with gusting winds and below freezing temperatures Sunday.

ODOT reported that crews will continue to treat northern parts of the state. Kay and Noble Counties reported car accidents. ODOT said bridges and overpasses might be slick, so drivers should use caution.

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