Bartlesville Mother Arrested After Children Found Alone Near Roads

Katie Young

A Bartlesville mother is behind bars after her two children were found wandering the city last week.28-year-old Katie Lynn Young was taken into police custody after her two-year-old and five-year-old kids were found unattended near an intersection. According to court affidavits, a witness found the children and attempted to find their parents before police officers arrived. The children were found with covered with dirt and wearing urine soaked diapers. Officers located the home of the children, but when they knocked no one answered. According to the affidavit, police officers the door was open and when they entered the home, the front room was in disarray with food and other items.Young entered the room after the officers continued to announce themselves, but she returned to the rear bedroom.According to the report, officers found Young attempting to conceal a pocket scale and a glass smoking device with burnt residue. Police officers also found a crystal substance which later tested positive for methamphetamine.The children are now in protective custody.Young faces charges for possession of a controlled substance, two counts of child endangerment and possession of narcotic equipment.