Bartlesville Water Woes: Less Than Year of Service Available to Residents

City officials are continuing their conservation efforts in Bartlesville this week with no improvements in the city's water situation.

At a city council meeting earlier this week, Bartlesville officials were informed of the city's dwindling water supply.

Director of Water Utilities Terry Lauritsen told that the status of the city's drinking water is under just half. He also said that only voluntary restrictions remain in place.

Lauritsen explained that Bartlesville has just about a year of service available for residents. The year estimation is based off of low usage like they see in the spring.

Lauritsen also blamed the continuing drought in Oklahoma for the receding conditions.

As far as a solution, there's nothing being discussed on plans to bring in more water, according to Lauritsen. Also no plans to implement mandatory or punitive water restrictions.

Bartlesville's water treatment plant is less than 10 years old and the distribution system is fixed where needed.