Bartlett and City Council to Host Public Meetings

Mayor Dewey Bartlett and the Tulsa City Council will host a series of public meetings in each district in March and April.

City Leaders want to hear public comment about capital improvements funded by the Third Penny Sales Tax and General Obligation Bond Issue. It's an estimated $800 million dollar project.

"This will be extending an existing tax; this is not a new tax. There is no increase in the tax, it's the same," Mayor Bartlett says.

No idea will be too small, but Mayor Bartlett says it will take them a while to go through all the ideas to make sure that it's not something that is already being considered or addressed with another agency. In the past, this money has been used for street improvements and for public safety.

"If we have a city that isn't attractive or well maintained and easy to get around and safe, then our ability to sell our city for job creation becomes much more difficult," Mayor Bartlett says.

The meetings will be held in the nine City Council districts in March and April starting at 6 p.m.

The meeting schedule is as follows:

-- March 4, Tulsa Community College Center for Creativity, 910 S. Boston Ave. - District 4
-- March 11, Martin Regional Library auditorium, 2601 S. Garnett Road - District 6
-- March 12, Fellowship Bible Church chapel, 5434 E. 91st St. - District 8
-- March 25, Booker T. Washington High School auditorium, 1514 E. Zion St. - District 1
-- March 26, Webster High School auditorium, 1919 W. 40th St. - District 2
-- April 2, Whiteside Park Community Center, 4009 S. Pittsburg Ave. - District 9
-- April 22, Hardesty Regional Library Frossard Auditorium, 8316 E. 93rd St. - District 7
-- April 29, Hale Junior High School auditorium, 2177 S. 67th E. Ave. - District 5
-- April 30, Hamilton Elementary School, 2316 N. Norwood Place - District 3

Following the meetings, Bartlett and members of the council will draft proposed capital improvements programs that will be presented at four more public meetings. A vote is planned for November 2013.