Bassmaster Classic Comes to Tulsa

In the world of fishing, the Bassmaster classic is as big as the banners announcing it's arrival downtown.

"It's the Super bowl of Bass fishing, the top 53 anglers will be here," said Ray Hoyt.

To help ensure that it's a success, the Tulsa Sports Commission is looking for the public's help.

"Opportunity for the community to come out and help us promote and sell Tulsa to our visitors," he said.

Which brings us to the home that coincidentally happens to have a boat in the yard across the street.

"It would be pretty neat, a neat experience," said Joe, a man who{}is uniquely qualified to talk about Bass. Not because he's a professional fisherman, just, his last name is...

" the fish," he laughed.

As for being an avid fisherman himself...

"Uh, last time I probably fished was years ago," he said.

Ok, well, at least he must love eating fish.

"I don't like fish. What? I eat Cod, but Catfish I don't like, in fact I really don't like seafood," he said.

Ok, let's steer this back to how much money this event will rake in for green country.

"$26 million plus," said Hoyt.

Yes, with people from around the country coming to marvel at the finest fishermen around.

"They work at it every day, and they've been fishing for the last year, finding their places where they want to fish," he said.

And should any them be watching right now, here's a top secret tip from a non-fishing guy who's last name is Bass.

"Uhm, use good bait," laughed Bass.