Bassmaster Classic Officials Report Second Highest Attendance in History

Bassmaster Classic officials announced Wednesday afternoon that the fishing event was the second highest attended in its 43-year history.

Gloomy weather didn't stop the estimated 106,850 fans reported at the various venues of the Bassmaster Classic, which included the weigh-ins at the BOK Center and the fans at Grand Lake.

"We were elated with the turnout from Tulsa and nearby communities for the world championship -- as well as the thousands who traveled to see the Classic from other states," said B.A.S.S. CEO Bruce Akin.

Akin also added that attendance would have been greater if weather-related travel conditions had been better prior to the event held on Feb. 22-24.

According to the release this afternoon, thousands of fishing enthusiasts plan vacations around the Classic each year, which contributed to the turnout. Doors at the BOK Center were reportedly closed due to the building reaching maximum capacity.

Now the question is just how much impact did the Classic have on Tulsa and Green Country's economy?

That's still to come, according to various Tulsa officials. But Classic officials have reported the event to generate as much as $24 million in economic impact to local communities.