Bassmaster Classic Wraps Up; Organizers Call Event "Amazing"

The third and final day of the Bassmaster Classic came to a close Sunday evening.

"This has been an amazing week for us," said Director of Operations Eric Lopez. He said there are no definitive numbers for the weekend, but he knows millions of dollars came to Green Country and more than the expected 15,000 fans took part.

This was the first time the Bassmaster Classic has been in Oklahoma. It is the furthest west the event has ever been.

"You're always kind of curious what those numbers are going to be," said Lopez. "Right now, we're trending to be one of the higher events that we've had in recent years, so we're very excited about that."

Channel 8 spoke with angler Michael Iaconelli's wife and children during the final weigh-in. He was a part of the "Super Six," or the top six competitors.

"I think it's always stressful. There's always that anxiety involved with it. You know, it'll be nice when it's over. It's almost like you get a vacation the day after it's done," said Becky Iaconelli. She said the family kept busy with shopping and other events the Tulsa Chamber planned. She is very pleased with Grove and Tulsa as a venue.

Iaconelli placed fourth overall. Cliff Pace took home the top spot.