Bassmaster Fans Arrive Loud and Proud

More than 15,000 Bassmaster Classic fans have descended on Green Country to watch the anglers compete and enjoy the festivities.

Channel 8 spoke with many of them at the Bassmaster Expo at the Tulsa Convention Center Friday.

One fan from North Dakota said he is planning to, "Spend a lot of money. Tulsa's going to appreciate us, that's for sure."

Channel 8 also met with 2012 Angler of the Year Brent Chapman's wife, Bobbi. She seemed to be the leader of the approximately 200 fans, or "Chapmaniacs," visiting Grove and Tulsa to support Chapman.

"We're from Kansas City, and we have 200 people coming. Friends and family from the Kansas City area, suburbs, otherwise coming to support Brent Chapman," said Chapman. She said Tulsa has been one of the best host cities for the Bassmaster Classic in a long time. She attributed that to the Midwestern hospitality and the venue. She said shopping at places like Utica Square has kept her busy.

Many fans told Channel 8 they plan to attend the Bass Bash in downtown for food and live music Friday night.