Bassmaster Classic Preview

The super bowl is coming to green country! actually the bassmaster classic, but in the fishing world it is 'the' big event.

With over 100-thousand people expected for the three day tournament and an economic impact of nearly $26 million it does produce super bowl type numbers.

{}only the top fishermen in the bassmaster classic

world will participate in the classic so the competition will be fierce. But it's the weather that could actually be their biggest hurdle.

{}Dark clouds block out the February sun and the wind is whipping up white caps.....

{}{} Not only is it unstable, it could also be unbearably cold and all that.....makes Tommy Biffle very happy.

"I'm really hoping for real bad miserable weather, a lot of our guys can't take it. These guys from Florida they can't take cold weather being from down south. They get 15-20 degrees it's going to take them out of the picture because they can't fish very well."

Not only will the battle the weather, but trying to track these bass down can also be tricky.....but after years of fishing, these guys know where to start looking....ledges, bluffs and points.

{}"mainly structures adjacent to deep water, close to deep water. Bluff ends are good this time of year, main lake points, channel banks, rock banks and old river channels run down."

After 30 years earning a paycheck off this floating dock, Biffle knows black bass....and he's narrowed down what he'll put at the end of his line to a jib, jerk bait or spinner bait and maybe, just maybe something special.

{}"I might have a secret weapon, you don't know until you get up there and get to fishing to see what's going on."

One thing each of these competitors know.....they're going to catch some fish and lots of them.

{}"one good thing about being on Grand, the fish are going to bite. It doesn't matter if it's 10-degrees or decent day, there's going to be a lot of fish caught."

Each fishermen can only keep five bass in his live well at one time. He can catch more, but has to throw one back, always the smaller one.

{}"there's no catching five and going in either. You fish till its over. When it's over you go load up and make the drive to Tulsa."

"there's old spot"

Biffle thinks the man that catch's 20-23 pounds of fish each day will be the winner and he should now, he's finished second in the Classic before, including once by a mere two ounces.

{}"the Classic is winner take all. I've come in second five times, that's just first loser so you fish to win and make sure you win."

{}for three days, they'll get on the lake at seven and finish at three. They'll drive the 90 miles from Grand to the BOK in downtown Tulsa for the weigh in. The winner takes home half a million dollars.....but it won't be easy, it's not supposed to be, it's fishing's super bowl.{}

{}{}{}{}Weigh-ins each evening at the bok center are free and open to the public. Also vendors from all over the world will be at the Tulsa convention center displaying the latest in fishing and the outdoors.