Batman Shows Empathy For Vandal

It's a logo synonymous with crime fighting, but earlier this week, Batman's Auto was a victim of crime.

"He cost me about $500 worth of damages," said Mike Batman.

Captured on surveillance video, some guy trying to steal Mike Batman's Harley-Davidson at 7:30 in the morning.

"See, he took this one here. The electrician already worked on it, and I order one of those, and when he put it on the thing he kind of bent it a little bit," he said.

This, after Batman had some other vehicles vandalized as well. All of which would normally be followed in a story like this with a sound bite of fury, not faith.

"When incident like this happen, this is an opportunity for, opportunity for me to say 'Thank God I'm not in his shoes,'" he said.

Empathy instead of anger. In fact, he hasn't even called the cops yet because he wants to identify the guy himself so he doesn't waste their time.

"So there is no sense for me calling the police on this. You could give them the, they could look at it and go oh that's Joe Blow. No, well. They are busy doing other things," he said.

Yes, he wants the guy put behind bars, but more than that, he feels sorry for him.

"I'm sure the guy when he see himself on TV he's going to be so embarrassed," he said.

Bruce Wayne wasn't exactly known for turning the other cheek, fortunately for the vandal, Mike Batman models himself after another superhero.

"I really believe in inspiration, it's all God's inspiration.," he said.