Battle Brews At City Hall Over Budget Emails

A city councilor says he is frustrated over an open records request for information.

G.T. Bynum, under the Oklahoma Open Records Act, asked for copies of any emails to or from Mayor Dewey Bartlett and top members of his staff, containing the words, "budget", "revenue", "projection" and or "projections".

Bynum says he wants to know how the mayor calculated his proposed budget.

"The best way for us to understand this is to understand how they put it together and they refuse to give us emails that show us how they do that," said Bynum.

The mayor's office says it has three requests in front of Bynum and his request could generate thousands of emails that will have to be scrutinized.

The mayor's chief of staff, Jarred Brejcha, says his office works with limited staff. "I think it is important we continue to fulfill open records requests but I cannot tell you it is going to be the top priority, to speed open records request fulfillment," he said.

Brejcha says an open records request requires thorough research and careful scrutiny that will be hard to do as the city council approaches their budget deadline. A city spokesperson says open records requests are done in the order they are received, with all citizens treated the same.