Be Prepared as it Heats up in Tulsa

By the end of the week, we could be looking at triple-digit heat. As you know, these temperatures can get dangerous. Saturday alone, EMSA treated 11 people for heat-related illnesses.

"Try to stay as cool as possible," says EMSA field operations supervisor, Jason Whitlow, "It seems silly to say, but people don't pay attention to it."

Whitlow said it's best to stay in the shade, but even there, the heat is around you and can quickly make you dehydrated. He said if you feel like you are thirsty, then you should have already been drinking water.

Popular summer hangouts are already preparing for the hot weather. The Tulsa Zoo makes sure to give their animals ice enrichments and have plenty of ice and water on hand for the people coming out, but they also suggest to start early.

"The best time to come out to the zoo is going to be the earliest you can possibly come. Animals really love to be active in the mornings," Tulsa Zoo community relations coordinator, Sarah Floyd said.

Since the Tulsa Zoo does have several indoor exhibits, staff members suggest that you go inside the cooler buildings in-between outdoor exhibits to get away from the direct heat. You should also watch your child closely.

"They want to play a lot and they don't realize the signs and symptoms of being a little bit heat exhausted. They just continue to play, and parents don't pay attention because they are still playing - they must be ok - and pretty soon, it's a problem," Whitlow said.

In triple-digit weather, just walking outside can be hard on your body, and you want to make sure you don't get dizzy or red-faced. You will need medical attention at that point. Sports drinks are okay to drink, but the best medicine is to drink as much water as you can.

"We have been drinking water for since forever; it's the best thing," Whitlow said.