Beach Closed: Impact on Businesses

Since the beach at Grand Lake State Park Bernice Area has been closed, some businesses said it's affecting their income.

On a normal weekend during the summer the swim area would be packed, but the signs posted to stay out of the water, local businesses said it's keeping the customers away.

"It's been a lot slower than it should be this should be our big booming time of the year and its just not people are just hesitant to come up," said Monica Fields, Owner of Pistol Pat's.

Some of these businesses have been here for 25 years and they have noticed a big change.

"The traffic is just not here," Christie Livingston, Owner of the Dam Hotel said.

The owners said every time something comes out about one part of the lake everyone assumes it's everywhere.

"There are a lot of misconceptions that the entire lake is closed people see the headlines of beach at grand lake is closed and they assume it's the whole lake and they don't come up," Fields said.

Some business owners said there is only one thing they can do when these reports come out.

"All we can try and do is educate and let people know there is still a lot to do here," says Michael Blackman, Owner of Blue Water Bait and Tackle.

Michael Blackman says his business is still doing ok, but that's because people can still going fishing.

Blackman sad, "The fishing is still outstanding if you are worried about it. Don't eat the fish, but fishing is a lot of fun and one thing about fishing is you are building memories forever."

But he would like to know what's causing the E. coli problems.

"Would be nice to see the pollution of the lake addressed and proper measures taken to prevent further pollution penalties enforced," Blackman said.

There are still several swim beaches around the lake open and for now these business owners say they are going to hope more people head this way because now is the time they make their living.

Livingston said, "The lake is open. The lake is fine. We have more than one park. We have more shore line than the coast of California."