Beelers Realize Dream of Watching Son Pitch In The Majors

Dallas Beeler has been playing the game of baseball since he was the same height as the tee. But the former Jenks Trojan is all grown up now and last Saturday turned a boyhood dream into a big league reality.

"Dallas Beeler, you see his numbers at Iowa. 5-3 with a 4.03 ERA." said the TV announcer.

Dallas was called up from Triple-A Iowa and impressed everyone in his Major League debut. His parents Susan and Darrell made the trip to Chicago. Along with over 20 other "Beeler Backers."

"I had never been to Wrigley and when he got drafted by the Cubs I made a point of it. I said I'm not going to Wrigley until you're there and you're playing." said Dallas' dad Darrell Beeler, "So it was really neat for me to walk into that stadium and know that, WOW, my son is throwing here today."

"I was pretty speechless. Kind of like everyone says it's like a dream." said Dallas' Mom Susan Beeler, "I got about 50 texts from people that said, just breathe. So, I just listened to what they said and just took a deep breath and just look out there and said yeah that's my kid. But I kind of knew he would make it anyway because he's just so stinking lucky. I knew he would make."

Dallas has been lucky all his life. Winning various contests since he was little, but Saturday hard work and skill kicked in. He pitched six strong innings, striking out seven and giving up only one unearned run. After the game he said he wasn't really nervous. The same can not be said for his dad

"I live and die with every pitch." said Darrell Beeler, "Susan knows, don't talk to me. It's not good to go to the game with me to watch him because I don't want to talk. Just leave me a long because I'm nervous. You know I'm breaking down pitch because I know what he throws. It's stressful. Very very stressful, but I love it, but it's very very stressful."

It was a one game trip to the Bigs for Dallas, but if his debut is any indication of what he can do. We should see him back in the Majors before to long.