Beer Sampling Underway in Oklahoma

"A lot of labor goes into a lot of this beer," said Taylor Owens of Marshall Brewing Company.

Up until Thursday, if you took a tour of Marshall brewing, the closest you could get to the beer, was the scent in the air.

"This is where we keep old excess kegs," said Owens.

But now, your taste buds are no longer left at the door.

"We're able to offer 12 ounces per person per day," said Brewmaster Eric Marshall.

Beer sampling, finally legal in Oklahoma, thanks in large part to Marshall Brewing.

"We worked for about 3 years to get a bill passed that would allow us to do a limited amount of sampling," said Marshall.

A practice that can help grow business one sip at a time.

"I'm new at drinking beer," said Deborah Burk. She's discovering that she likes darker beers.

"This is Oktoberfest beer. I do know that," she said.

On the other end of the spectrum...

"I was down here at 4," said Jeff Mork. He's done tastings all across the country.

"Beer tasting now is getting to the point where it's almost as fine tuned as like wine tasting," he said.

"You know tourism, a lot of people pass through the states and do different beer tours and this gives them the opportunity at least passing through Tulsa to stop in and have a sample," said Marshall.

Sipping towards a stronger economy.

"I'm thrilled," said Burk.