Bell Ringers Needed

There are very few symbols of the holidays, that are more enduring than the Salvation Army Bell Ringers.

When they're on the streets there's no doubt what time of year we're enjoying.

But the effort isn't easy to pull off.

It takes hundreds of volunteers, to bring in the badly-needed charity dollars.

The Salvation Army has 100 location to staff every day, all day long, throughout the holidays.

If volunteers don't step up, a paid employee must be used.

So labor cost cuts into the charity work that can be provided.

Major Jim Thomas, is Tulsa's Salvation Army Commander.

He says most people who volunteer, love the work and come back year after year.

Whole families make it a tradition, and they go out with their kids, to ring the bell.

He says donations always seems to be a little slow up front, but somehow they always reach their goal in the last few days before Christmas.

This year the goal is $650-thousand.

The money is all used locally for Salvation Army programs year round.

To volunteer in Tulsa call 918-587-7801.

In Sand Springs, Sapulpa or Broken Arrow you can call your local officers for volunteer opportunities closer to home.