Berryhill Blaze Keeps Firefighters Busy

The homeowners watch in shock as several outbuildings behind their house go up in flames, Sunday Afternoon.

Investigators want to know what started a fire that damaged several outbuildings and left one firefighter injured, Sunday.

Firefighters were called to a home in the 2400 block of South 57th West Avenue around One O'clock.

Several neighbors told, that they heard what sounded like explosions and saw the outbuildings behind the home ablaze.

Berryhill Fire Chief Michael Hall tells, the fire was fueled by several chemical products stored in some of the outbuildings. He estimates at the height of the blaze, the fire was burning close to 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

Chief Hall says the homeowners were not at home at the time of the fire. He adds that the home itself did not appear to sustain any damage.

During the course of the firefighting effort a Tulsa Firefighter injured his ankle. He was transported from the scene by EMSA to an area hospital.

At this point, it is unclear what started the blaze. Officials are continuing to investigate.

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