Berryhill Public Schools Pleased with Overwhelming Approval of Bond Issue

Berryhill Public Schools administrators are grateful Wednesday, following the passage of a proposition for school upgrades.

90 percent of voters voted in favor of the $470,000 proposition. The money is slated to go towards new textbooks and technology upgrades.

"Textbooks are just falling apart, maybe even outdated, and it was just time for us to try to get back up to speed," said Superintendent Mike Campbell. He said the district has not been able to purchase new textbooks since 2010 because of budget constraints. $350,000 of the bond money will go towards buying new ones.

District Technology Liaison JoEtta Terrell said there have not been any technology updates in five years. The previous updates happened with another bond issue.

"We find that operating systems, machines, and with the new tests that are coming in, technology's a big part of that, and we can't keep up," Terrell said. That is because some state testing is now done on computers.

The money will come from a 2.83 percent property tax.

Berryhill administrators said they are grateful to their supportive community.

"Without the money from the bond issue, we pretty much would be at a standstill. We wouldn't have the funds," Terrell said.

The district said it will likely start to see the funds arrive in May.

198 people voted in favor of the proposition. 21 people voted against it. The Tulsa County Election Board said area elections saw a slightly lower turnout, given the recent winter weather.