Berryhill Man Rides Out Moore Tornado, Pulls Survivors From Rubble

A Berryhill resident and his son-in-law helped pull about 17 people from the rubble following Monday's tornado in Moore.

Sam Myers, 65, was visiting for his granddaughter's sixth grade graduation when news broke of severe weather. He and his family sought shelter where a family friend worked at a title company located near Warren Theatre.

Myra's son-in-law, Pastor Larry Hutcheson, recorded horrifying video of the tornado approaching before reaching the complex.

"I don't think we were down there probably more than a couple minutes, and Sam, my father-in-law, goes, 'Hey, guys, my son's a pastor, and if you want him to start praying, we can start praying," Hutcheson said.

The men said between 40 and 50 people waited for the storm to pass in the shelter. They said people screamed. Once the tornado pressed onwards, the men forced their way out of the badly damaged building. A fluorescent light fell from the ceiling and hurt Myers's shoulder.

Myers said he heard someone shout, "There's people trapped here!" Just yards away, a small medical clinic had collapsed. The men helped others remove about 17 people to get care. They said several people were transported and one person had a broken arm.

Now, the men are helping rally support for Moore through Hutcheson's church, Powerhouse Assembly of God. The church was without power and water for most of Tuesday but gathered volunteers regardless to help people affected by the storm.

Volunteers from Moore are collecting food, diapers, water, and other supplies. The church is trying to spread the word that its doors are open to the whole community at 19th and Eastern.

The church is also partnering with Foundations Church in Tulsa. Volunteers will be bringing a semi truck of food to Powerhouse for survivors. It will likely depart around 6:30 a.m. Wednesday.

When asked if his faith is shaken by the deaths in the storm, Myers said, "Our God has it all under control. We don't need to be asking why. We just need to be servants."