Berryhill Schools Look Into Rumors About "Kill List"

Rumors run rampant in Berryhill Schools about a "Kill List". School leaders were notified in December that a journal had been found with a list of names inside. Berryhill Superintendent Mike Campbell says a personal journal was left inside a classroom at the middle school. That journal was found by other students. Campbell says inside on the front page was a list of names and on the back page there was some scripture. But before the journal made it to the administration a picture was taken of the list by another student and posted to Twitter.

"Some of the students had started rumors that this was not only a "Kill List" but there was some specify things and threats toward individuals," says Superintendent, Mike Campbell.

But that's not what Campbell says was really in the journal.

"I saw the journal there was nothing, no threats of any nature, directed toward any student from that journal. It was just a list of names. It could have been a Christmas list. It could have been a pray list," says Campbell.

Campbell says in fact the list was written more than a year ago. He says there was never a "Kill List" that's just want the student posted to Twitter. The student who posted the picture has been disciplined and the account has been taken down. Campbell says that social media changes how they have to deal with these types of things.

"People get on Facebook and Twitter and they can have discussions about something and not know all the facts and what happens is they pull other people in to believe that's the way it really is and there is a lot of inaccurate information that goes about that," says Campbell.

Campbell does admit after events like the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in Connecticut, it makes every administration look into anything and everything.

"We are certainly on edge now and at a high alert. We have just been more observant. We have checked more windows and doors prior to students arriving at school. We have had some of our central office administrators in the buildings talking to teachers and checking things and letting parents see us there," says Campbell.

Berryhill Schools policy is if any criminal activity is suspected they will notify local law enforcement and the parents.

"Through our investigation we determined there was not any criminal activity. So, we didn't call the law enforcement and if we thought there was any threats being made to any students we would certainly contacted every parent," says Campbell.