Best Mobile Apps for Saving Time and Money

We have so many ways to save money nowadays.{} And one of the easiest is right on your smart phone.{} Many of us now have a smart phone, and they go with us when we're shopping.{}{} Want to save money on that trip to the grocery store or mall?{} Chances are there's an app for that.It's not easy parting with our hard-earned money when we're at the check-out counter... whether it's buying groceries or clothes.{} is out with its 20 best mobile apps to help us stick to a budget or find the best price.{} Here are a few of them:

  • Put down the scissors.{} Coupon Sherpa provides hundreds of in-store coupons right on your iPhone.{} And the app is free.
  • With Save Benjis, you can find the best deal on specific products by typing in the name, and it searches retail and online outlets.{} Also for the iPhone for $2.99.
  • ShopSavvy is one of these apps where you snap a photo of a barcode with your phone's camera, and it searches for the best deal.{} It's free for iPhone and Android.
  • If you want to make a shopping list and stick to it, the Shopper app will search for coupons while adding up your total.{} 99 cents on iPhone.
  • And the Holiday Gift Guide app finds the most popular holiday gifts at the most affordable prices.{} Can't beat the price... it's free.

Not all of these apps get 5 star reviews from users.{} But many of them can save you both time and money while shopping.

"20 Best Mobile Apps for Saving Money"