Best Things to Buy in November and December

The old saying "timing is everything" also applies to the best time of the year to buy certain things.'s "The Best Time to Buy Guide for 75 Products and Services" is a great resource that can save you a lot of money.{} Here are a few of the items it says are good to pick up in November and December: {}

  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the best time to buy electronics over the holidays. Retailers like Best Buy reduce prices more on these two days than any other days during the holidays.
  • In you're thinking about a BIG, big ticket item like a recreational vehicle, the{} best time to buy both new and used RVs is a couple of weeks after cold weather sets in and buyer traffic has slowed.
  • Computers are not only marked off during big back to school sales in August. You can also get a good deal on a computer during the run up to Christmas.
  • And cookware, hardware, and small appliances are all likely to be marked down in December.

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