Bicyclists Pushing for Better Tulsa Biking Infrastructure

Each day this week bike enthusiasts will be set up in front of City Hall to raise awareness for Tulsa's need for a better biking infrastructure.

One of the main projects cyclists want to see completed is the 3rd street corridor. Once complete, bikers will have an east and west route for travel while Riverside provides a north and south option.

Biking advocates also want to see more commitment from city leaders to on-street bikeways and appropriate biking education to bikers as well as drivers in the Tulsa area.

Stephen Place, who is from Denton, Texas, said he noticed a big difference in the attitude of drivers when he came to Tulsa, namely that drivers here are less aware and knowledgeable of how to behave regarding roadway bicyclists.

Lee's Bicycles in downtown Tulsa helped to arrange the protests.