Big 12 vs. SEC: Relationship Divided

We see it all the time. On car stickers and license plate covers. HOUSE DIVIDED. It usually describes a union between arch-rivals like the Sooners and the Cowboys.

But in Oklahoma State receiver Charlie Moore's case, it's a Big 12-SEC relationship divided.

You see his girl friend is a Razorback and I guess she never lets Charlie forget what conference she was a part of in college.

"She went to Arkansas so of course you're going to hear some SEC stuff, but I like to let in go in (one ear) and out (the other)." said Moore, "She definitely wants us to win, but the SEC thing is always lingering in their minds and everyone knows it. She doesn't like Mississippi State anymore than we do, so it's good."

The Cowboys and the Bulldogs kickoff at 2:30 on Tulsa's Channel 8 from Houston, TX.