Big Changes Coming for Bartlesville Home Makeover House

After nine years, a Bartlesville home featured on Extreme Makeover Home Edition is changing hands. That's because there have been big developments for the White family.

The White family has put their home up for sale.

ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition built the Bartlesville house in 2005 for Danna White and her five younger children. She had five grown children at the time, as well. They were mourning the loss of White's husband John, a pastor who had died of a heart attack on their 19th wedding anniversary.

Ty Pennington and his Extreme Makeover team built White a large home, with personalized rooms for each of her children. White's favorite room was the chapel.

"Being able to glorify the Lord no matter what you go through, learning to be joyful with a broken heart, this room represents all that to me," White reminisced with Channel 8 as she packed up the house.

White remarried about a year and a half after the loss of her husband. She married a man who had also lost a spouse to tragedy. Their families combined, resulting in a family of 14 children. Together, they gave birth to Grant, 5, who brought their number to 15.

White now goes by Danna Shay. Her husband retired from the landscaping business and the family is in the process of moving to Arkansas. She plans to continue her ministry work there, which she had put on hold for some time. It is difficult for her to leave behind the beautiful house and all of its gifts, but she is ready for a new adventure.

"I have my spells, because I'm trying to go forward brave and strong, but it does really touch my heart. And it seems so selfish, but it's not. It's just because so much was given."

The house listed for $465,000. The Whites are sharing many of the home's items with friends and community members. The family said they did not walk away with a large cash value given taxes and the cost of the home's upkeep and improvements.